Custom Dentures Available for Patients at Ward Dental Care

The hardest part of wearing dentures can sometimes be the fear of people knowing you wear dentures. Another potential issue could arise if those dentures limit your basic functions, such as eating and even speaking. When you come to the experienced staff at Ward Dental Care in Hedgesville, WV, for dentures, you can be assured that they will give you the ability to function and look your best. We mold our custom dentures and other dental appliances to fit your mouth and teeth based on size and color, but with optimal capabilities.

Talk to our dentist, Dr. Kevin Ward, for more information on whether custom dentures from Ward Dental Care are right for you.
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Partial Dentures Available for Our Valued Patients

Sometimes, full dentures are not necessary after tooth extraction or tooth loss, which is why Ward Dental Care offers partials to our patients. Sometimes, partial dentures are necessary to prevent gaps from forming in between teeth, which could adversely affect your oral health, including the jawbone, gums, and even other teeth! Partials are less expensive compared to a full set of dentures, and can still function like normal teeth. You can still eat and speak to peak capability when you have partials from Ward Dental Care. Contact Dr. Kevin Ward today to set up a general appointment, or a consultation on whether partial dentures are right for you.

Call Our Dental Office in Berkeley County, WV for Information on Dentures

If you think you might need custom dentures or partials from Ward Dental Care, call our dentist, Dr. Kevin Ward, today. Dr. Ward will do a thorough dental examination, and recommend the appropriate procedures or dental appliances to remedy any issues. Our dentures and partials are custom-made for peak functionality and oral stability, and we are committed to making sure nobody even knows you are wearing them. If you need dentures and want to maintain your abilities to eat, speak, and smile, come visit Ward Dental Care in Hedgesville, WV, today!