Ask Our Berkeley County Dentist About Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are highly misunderstood by patients, but they are very necessary procedures in a lot of cases. Crowns are prosthetic “tops” to damaged teeth that are meant to maintain the same level of functionality as natural teeth. The way that crowns allow your mouth to function is the most important thing, but they are also aesthetically beneficial because they look like natural teeth. If our dentist, Dr. Kevin Ward, finds chips in your teeth, excessive tooth decay, or other types of damage, he may recommend crowns for your overall dental functionality. These crowns can keep gaps from forming and therefore protect the rest of your mouth from potential damage. 

If you have chipped or damaged a tooth, or need a general dentist appointment, call Dr. Kevin Ward at (304) 754-9008,
or contact us online if you think dental crowns may be right for you.

Dental Bridges Can Make a Massive Difference for Missing Teeth

Have you recently lost an adult tooth? If you live in Berkeley County, WV, one call to Dr. Kevin Ward at Ward Dental Care can set up an appointment to add a dental bridge. Dental bridges are one of the most tried and true methods of keeping a pontic, or the false tooth in a bridge, firmly in place. A bridge is a set of three connected “teeth”, two of which are crowns on the ends. The other is a pontic in a middle to fill the gap. Benefits to dental crowns include improved dental functions such as chewing, speaking and smiling, as well as maintaining a natural look to your teeth and gums. Call today for more information.

Visit Our Dental Office in Hedgesville, WV

If you live in Berkeley County, Jefferson County, or Morgan County, WV, choose Ward Dental Care in Hedgesville for all of your dental needs! Dr. Kevin Ward can help you after you have chipped or lost a tooth, with procedures such as applying a dental crown or dental bridge to your mouth. These procedures promote functionality, as well as aesthetic appeal. You can call our dental office for more information, or come visit us in the Reeds Pharmacy Plaza in Hedgesville, next to Burger King.