Prevent Teeth Grinding With Custom Night Guards from Ward Dental Care

Is your spouse tired of you grinding your teeth in your sleep? Are you aware of the long-term consequences of grinding your teeth for your oral health? Our dentist, Dr. Kevin Ward, can get a mold of your teeth that can be made into a customized night guard to prevent teeth grinding in the future. There is no better time to start addressing issues with bruxism (constant teeth grinding), so schedule a consultation with our experienced dentist and dental staff in Berkeley County, WV. We are located in Hedgesville and are always accepting new patients.

To speak to a member of our dental staff, call today at (304) 754-9008, or contact us online for more information about night guards.

What Are the Dangers of Teeth Grinding?

If you have been diagnosed with bruxism, or a loved one has noticed you grinding your teeth while you sleep, you should visit a qualified dentist! Grinding your teeth while you sleep can eventually lead to other issues while sleeping, such as snoring, and trouble breathing or sleep apnea. The long-term effects of bruxism can leave an impact beyond sleeping, too. Grinding your teeth while you sleep increases the risk of tooth damage, headaches, and issues with the jaw. Some warning signs that you may be grinding your teeth in your sleep include:

– Disrupted sleep
– Randomly chipped or loose teeth
– Random gum damage on inside of cheek
– Wear and tear of enamel

– Random headaches starting in the temples
– Increased tooth sensitivity or pain
– Face, neck, or jaw pain
– Tight or locked jaw

Call Our Dentist and Dental Staff in Hedgesville for More Information

Grinding your teeth in your sleep can be a nuisance to those around you and can pose long-term ramifications for your teeth, gums, and jaw. Dr. Kevin Ward, the Eastern Panhandle’s premier dentist, can find you a custom night guard to prevent you from grinding your teeth and enhance your oral health moving forward. If you live in Berkeley County, WV or any of the surrounding areas, call Ward Dental Care today to set up a teeth examination and see if a night guard is right for you!