General Dentistry Services in Berkeley County, WV

While our dentist does a lot of work in areas like dentures, root canals, and tooth extractions, most of the work our dental staff does is general dentistry. Whether it be routine teeth cleaning appointments, cavity fillings, or x-rays, Dr. Kevin Ward’s general dentistry services are available to anyone in Berkeley County and surrounding areas. Dental appointments twice a year are recommended for your oral health, and our dentists take a personal stake in your teeth and gums every time you walk through our doors.

To schedule a general dentistry appointment at our Hedgesville office, call Ward Dental Care at (304) 754-9008, or contact us online.

Our Friendly Dental Staff Looks Forward to Seeing You

When you come to semi-annual dental appointments with our dentist, Dr. Kevin Ward, you will quickly be impressed by our professional and friendly dental staff. Our dentist and dental staff are not here to make you uncomfortable, but to take a personal stake in your oral health. Through teeth cleaning, and other general dentistry services, we work with our patients to encourage good practices moving forward. We are always willing to give recommendations on the latest in dental innovation, including effective toothbrushes and other products pertaining to oral hygiene. If you have any questions about our general dentistry practices, call Dr. Kevin Ward and his staff today!

Schedule a Routine Appointment at Our Dental Office in Hedgesville, WV

If you want to take control of the health of your teeth and gums, the first step is scheduling a dental appointment at Ward Dental Care in Hedgesville, WV. A general dentistry appointment with our dentist, Dr. Kevin Ward, can be incredibly beneficial for your oral health moving forward. As a lifelong learner as a dentist, Dr. Ward is always looking for the newest and most effective dental appliances, including toothbrushes, fluoride supplements, and dentures. Come visit our dental office in Berkeley County today and take the first step to a beautiful, healthy smile.